Media Vantage

Who are we?

Media Vantage is the business arm of Media Monitors. Media Vantage offers media monitoring services to a diverse range of clients.

Client Services

Ad tracker

How do you track your adverts when you place them in Zimbabwe’s traditional media? Media Vantage can track your adverts in print, on radio and television, providing you with independent verification on your ad placements. Ad tracker helps to track advertising 24/7. We monitor 6 national radio stations and one television station. The service is able to monitor all the newspapers in Zimbabwe if need be. With this service we are able to monitor your schedule and see if all your adverts have been aired and reached your target audience. This way you only pay for that which comes out.

Ad analysis

Do you want to enter the Zimbabwean market? Or would you want to further expand your market share in Zimbabwe? Media Vantage helps you plan your communication more effectively for your brand. We help you:

  • Understand the various brands in your sector?
  • What is the typical media mix for your sector?
  • Who your competitor brands are
  • Typical ad spend for your sector


Brand tracker for print/electronic media

Do you want to track your brand in editorial content of the mainstream media? Media Vantage helps you track your brand in print and electronic media. Through our keyword searches, Media Vantage allows you to keep track every time your product, service, brand and key personnel are mentioned in the media.

Competitor Analysis

Media Vantage’s competitor analysis helps your brand compete effectively in your market. The competitor analysis provides detailed measurement of your organisation’s performance in the media versus the performance of your competitors. MV will look at specific indicators in adverts and editorial content to determine a competitor’s objectives, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and share of voice as compared to yours.

Sentiment mining

As the Media Monitoring People we are able to help you find out what people think and feel about your organization, its products and services. Through the service, MV provides a tool for you to have insight on public perceptions of you and your products. Your reputation impacts on your performance in the market and public sentiment impacts audience purchase and use of your products.

Impact Assessment

MV helps you track achievement of your objectives. MV provides tools for impact assessment through assisting you identify and measure key indicators of success from media content. Not only will MV help you assess results of your communication intervention, but our information will assist you to understand contribution of your communications to overall organisational performance.

Press clipping service

Our press clipping service gives you evidence of media coverage of your communications or mentions in editorial content – MV can provide newspaper clippings as well as audio and video clips upon request.

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